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Monday, November 25, 2013

Foot Model: Brazilian Beauty Icon Goddess Grazi

This week in www.Foot-Seduction.com we have a Beautiful Brazilian Goddess! The one and only Goddess Grazi of www.GoddessGrazi.com

Come see her perfect size 10 feet and get addicted to her long sexy toe-nails and amazing smooth soles! Her "Guest Foot Model" compilation photo collection shows her feet from every single angle and all her delightful toe-nail polishes…

So don’t wait! Get to her foot fetish realm to adore and worship her magnificent feet.

Also, go visit her blog: www.GoddessGrazi.com/blog to see more of her sexy feet!!!

GV. xoxo

Monday, November 18, 2013

New and Exciting Things Are Happening!!!

Hello boys and girls!

I wanted to write a new post to let you all know about all the new and exciting things happening at www.FootFetishSeduction.com
I have lots of new clip at my store, also new photo sets to buy at the image store.
Plus, now I'm adding a new "Guest Foot Model" every week to my foot fetish site: www.Foot-Seduction.com and as always a photo set of my sexy feet!!!

As an added bonus! There are over 100 clips to download, and a variety of my used items for sale.

So come visit me and have fun with my perfect size 9 feet.
GV. xoxo

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Sexy and Natural Feet of Foot Model Katie!

Great contribution of the beautiful size eight feet of Guest Foot Model Katie from www.CaliFootExchange.com

Watch as she measures her sexy feet, super long toes and slim soft soles with the Cali Foot Exchange ruler. Then, Katie takes a walk on the grass with her used flats and a pair of leather sandals that have her pretty toe prints on them!!!

Join my foot fetish site www.Foot-Seduction.com and get this great set! Lots of close-ups and plenty of photos!!!
GV xoxo