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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Sexy and Petite Feet of Cutie Roxie Rae!!!!

This week I have cutie Roxie Rae from www.RoxieRaeFetish.com as the "Guest Foot Model of the Week"

Come check out her petite and sexy size 5 feet, her meaty toes, her nice heels and high arches with plenty of wrinkles on her soles to drive you insane!!! and you'll never get bored with her color combinations on her pretty toe-nails...

So join my Foot Fetish site: www.Foot-Seduction.com and don't miss this great set of Roxie Rae's feet...

Plus, go see her play with her other sexy foot models at:


  1. your feet are the most beautiful things i have ever seen, i would obey your every command my goddess and be your foot slave for the rest of time

  2. my bitch is so trained well by the whip but still have to understand the difference between ash and cigarettes...her tongue will remember this next time so well..
    Mistress Gaia Video