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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Foot Worship !!!

Foot Worship is a name commonly given to the sexual activities of foot fetishists.

First of all, find someones feet to worship, this could involves kissing her feet, sucking her toes and smelling or sniffing her the feet in many ways.

Second you could start by giving your partner a foot massage. This is a sensual way to introduce her feet into your sexual routine.

Next buy sexy shoes for your partner. Make her feet look their best by investing in alluring shoes. Whether you're aroused by high heels or sleazy stilettos, a sexy shoe will always be easily found to satisfy any foot fetish kink.

Follow by masturbating to your partner's feet. Foot jobs and Shoe jobs are commonly enjoyed by fetishists all over the world.

Also, experiment with toe or shoe penetration. Foot fetishists enjoy the process of penetrating the anus with toes. As sexual behavior goes, it's relatively enjoyable, but make sure to have some lubricant on hand.

There's a certain overlap between foot fetishists and those interested in the broader fantasy of bondage and submission role-play. Since groveling at a sexually dominant partner's feet is a common element of BDSM play, this could be a good way to get some up close and personal time with a very sexy pair of feet.

Foot Fetish, foot jobs and shoe jobs are enjoyed by many worldwide is a relatively common and safe sexual fantasy, there is a strong fetish subculture dedicated to feet. It's one of the easiest sexual fetishes to satisfy.

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