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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Foot Trampling !!!

One of my most selling clips is about trampling and I'm a little curious why is that? What makes a man go crazy with a woman walking all over him, I know it gets me excited to walk all over my slave and make him feel my full weight.


  1. WOW i cant believe no one has nothing to say regarding this topic !!!! :( :(

  2. Cause it is extremely sexy when a woman enjoys to trample a man as much as the man wants to be trampled. Plus giving up control to a woman like that makes the experience ten fold

  3. I must agree with Anonymous... for us guys (an upper ab barefoot trample enthusiast here) it's a combination of feeling emotionally overpowered, trapped, pinned, controlled and otherwise domninated by a sexy woman and her sexy, yet powerful feet, along with the physical stimulation of pressure and of course, the right amount of pain to produce the pleasure... I'd be psyched to work with ya Venus for trampling if you enjoy performing it!

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